ACE Unlimited

“Achieving, Creating, Empowering – Without Limits!”

A pioneering monthly club for those in the transition age group (18+). ACE Unlimited has recently had a bit of a shake up and it now happens out and about in the community – going places and seeing things that they enjoy! The exciting activities continue to develop life skills and independence and gives them a chance to socialise with their friends out and about! Activities include getting together at the pub, enjoying meals out, cinema and much more!​

The young people are encouraged to form cohesive peer groups and discuss and organise activities they would like to do in the future. ACE takes place once a month and the time and day will vary according to the activity. Check back here for further updates on activities and dates

ACE dates for 2019-2020:

Thursday 26th September – Pilgrim’s Progress

Tuesday 15th October – Pizza Hut

Sunday 24th November – Bedford Light Switch On

Wednesday 19th February – Cinema

Thursday 26th March – Nathan Sounds

Saturday 25th April – Living It Up Easter Party

Thursday 28th May – Pub & Grub

Friday 3rd July – AmpRocks Music Festival, Ampthill