Full House Theatre Co kicked started summer and gave us a week to remember, with a journey across the world and in to outer space and beyond!

Each day took the children somewhere new, starting with the jungle, where they encountered an array of colourful flowers and jungle creatures! Day two was a journey to the hot, hot desert with some tantalising smells and creatures in the sand. Day three had to be a day at the seaside; fishing, boats, and bubbles made the experience even more magical! Day four was quite literally out of this world, where they went up in a rocket, straight up into outer space – they looked down at the planets, saw the stars and floated around in their spacesuits!

Of course they couldn’t have visited all these incredible places without their passports, and postcards were sent home from each place they visited, which was a lovely surprise for families at home!

The week finished with a performance to their families, and some VIP’s including local MP Mohammad Yasin, who really “enjoyed the incredible performance by children from BDCPS”.

Full House really pulled out all the stops to make this week work, and their hard work did not go un-noticed. They always made sure the needs and interests of the young people were at the heart of everything they did, and they were quick to adapt to each individual. Thank you guys once again for working with us, and providing an unforgettable, out of this world experience for our young people!