As you are aware there is lots of uncertainty about the Coronavirus (COVID -19) at the moment, so please understand that developments may mean that clubs and playschemes may change.

We work with very vulnerable young people and would ask that anyone who has been exposed to the virus OR is experiencing any of the signs & symptoms of the virus, does not come into contact with the families or the people working within the charity. Regardless of whether or not this is COVID-19, they present a risk for our young people.

We will continue to make infection control a high priority and we would ask people to take precautions to keep themselves safe.  If you have asthma or are prone to chest infections, you must ensure you bring your blue inhaler with you to any sessions you attend.  Any child/young person who has an asthma care plan will be expected to bring their inhaler otherwise they will be turned away.   

You can download our general letter of guidance about COVID-19, which we encourage you to read thoroughly as it contains very important information. But, as there seems to be new guidance emerging daily, we would also suggest keeping up to date via the government website.