Another ace fundraiser took place over the Bedford River Festival Weekend! We were so pleased to be asked by Mark Russell if we would be the charity for The Dance Music Stage again this year. So we of course accepted to offer, and spent the weekend bopping away and shaking our tins at #TheDanceMusicStage. We were thrilled and lucky to meet the REAL JUDGE JULES, who kindly did a shout out video to us, and posed for a couple of photos! The atmosphere was electric and everyone had a great time!

There was an excellent turnout over the weekend, and the people who stopped by were so generous in their donations! This is thanks to the volunteer bucket shakers who came along over the weekend; because of all of you an absolutely amazing amount was raised just in cash donations – over £600 to be exact!

On top of this The Dance Music Stage have been sharing their fundraising page and have well over £2000 in donations plus a load of gift aid, and offline donations which takes them to nearly £5000! They are keeping this page open and you can still donate via this link:

What a super weekend, thanks so much everyone who gave their time, especially our young people! A special shout out to Sorcha at Bedford Borough Local Offer, who came along and got lots of cash in her whirlwind bucket shaking! Thanks of course to anyone who donated and the biggest thank you to Mark, Martin and The Dance Music Stage team for all your support of us.