Yes, we are mentioning the ‘C’ word already – don’t worry we won’t go bonkers just yet, but we wanted to pop in everyone’s heads that December is getting nearer, which means our #MincePieMonth will soon be upon us!

This will be our 5th year of #MincePieMonth and after last year where restrictions limited what we were able to do, we are asking YOU to make up for lost time and host your own mince pie fundraiser!

The concept is REALLY simple! Just follow the steps below…

  1. Choose a date in or near December
  2. Choose a venue – a small event at home is fine, but if you’d like to host something bigger then this is super!
  3. Invite your favourite people to come along on that date
  4. Get baking (or you can get others to bake for you!)
  5. Pop out some BDCPS donation pots and ask for a small donation in exchange for a mince pie (or three!) and a cuppa! Let us know if you’d like any BDCPS decor or merchandise to make it even better!
  6. Make it even more festive by including mulled wine or non-alcoholic punch and pop those Christmas tunes on!
  7. Send in your money raised to BDCPS
  8. That is it!

Can you help us this December? Then all you need to do is get organising and get in touch at to let us know you’ll be supporting us this Christmas!