Cream Tea Month is back again this June, and after a couple of years of difficulties, we are excited that events may be able to go ahead again, and we would love to have you on board!

We are looking for community groups – perhaps local churches, food and drink venues, meet up groups and organisations; as well as businesses and companies to get involved!

Cream Tea Month is an opportunity to eat lots of cake, have some tea, and catch up with your colleagues, friends & family, whilst raising money for a good cause.

There is no minimum that you need to raise – we appreciate a pot of small change as much as the bigger amounts – so if you would prefer to organise a smaller event with just a couple of close friends, this is of course an option!

BDCPS will send you posters for the event along with any other promotional material such as balloons, banners, donation buckets and wristbands! Just let us know what you would like.

Cream Tea Month has been a huge success in the past and we would love for it to be once again.

Contact or to sign up!