Thank you so much for choosing to donate to BDCPS. Your kind donation will help us to continue the services we provide and the work we do with families and young people living with complex disabilities in Bedfordshire.

It is estimated that each year 1 in 400 babies in the UK are born with Cerebral Palsy, and there are many other medical needs and additional complex disabilities that we support at BDCPS. There is no cure, so we endeavour to make sure that every individual’s life is fulfilled and fun with a can-do approach to making things happen.

A wonderful way to honour someone you know
and love by
leaving a gift in their memory.
Giving on a regular basis
is vital for the
future projects and
The money you have
raised will make a huge difference.
Thank you!

JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving enable you to make one off donations, monthly donations and set up your own fundraising pages! So if you are thinking of doing something amazing and starting a fundraiser then please check them out! You can also make donations via PayPal by clicking the button on the side bar.

Social Media platforms like Facebook & Instagram also enable you to donate quickly, hassle free and easily! The best thing about these is there are NO FEES! Every penny you send via Facebook or Instagram giving, goes directly to us! Check out our Facebook page and Instagram (@bdcps) to make your donations FEE FREE!

Make your donation go even further with Gift Aid. It means that the government give 25% extra! So, for every £1 you donate, the government will give an extra 25p without costing you a penny more! There are a couple of things you need to do to enable us to claim Gift Aid on top of your donation.

  1. To add Gift Aid, you must be able to provide your address and you must also be a UK tax payer.
  2. Make sure you fill in a declaration form. We have two declaration forms to choose from. A ‘Multiple Gift Aid declaration form’ is used if you have made any donations in the last 4 years which were eligible for Gift Aid. This will also be used for any future donations you may make to BDCPS. This means you don’t have to complete a new form each time, which makes it easier for you! Once you have become a Gift Aid donor, please let us know if you stop paying tax or if you change your name/address so that we can update our records. If you are making a one-off donation please complete our ‘Single Gift Aid declaration form’.
  3. Sometimes you may be doing a fundraiser where multiple people can make a donation. Please download our ‘Sponsorship form’ where each person can provide their name and address, and tick whether they would like their donation to be Gift Aided. Alternatively you can use online giving platforms like Virgin Money Giving & Just Giving, where Gift Aid will be an option for anyone who donates.
  4. Remember to send your Gift Aid declaration in with any money you are donating! See ‘Paying in Funds’ for more information.