The best way to begin! Start volunteering with BDCPS – we promise not only will you be giving something back, but you will be getting so much out of it too. From making friends, to learning new skills, this will help you stand out from the crowd when you apply for future university courses or other jobs. We have had many volunteers over the years, who have gone on to become teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and so on! We take volunteers from the age of 13 and there is no upper age limit. Our oldest volunteer is over 70!

Once you have volunteered with us, there may be opportunities for paid roles once you have some experience. You can volunteer either with families or at playschemes or clubs; this then opens up career progression from play workers all the way to group leaders and family support assistants! There is so much scope for personal and professional development working with BDCPS, so do not hesitate – APPLY HERE TODAY!

If you are interested in the above roles please complete our online application form. .

Please check back here regularly to see what further vacancies we may have coming up. You can email cp.enquiries@bdcps.org.uk if you have an interest in potential paid roles.