Community Fundraiser – Bedfordshire

Salary: Negotiable / up to 30 hours per week

Fixed term – 18 months with potential to extend.

Would you like to be part of a very special charity that for its size makes a huge impact on the community it serves? And be the person who helps ensure it’s financial future for the next few years?

We are BDCPS (Bedford & District Cerebral Palsy Society), and we enable people with complex disabilities, & their families, to live life their way.

We are looking for a Community Fundraiser (job share considered) to lead our fundraising efforts in our upcoming 70th birthday year.

This is a new role, with the most important traits being a genuine passion for the aims of our charity, a desire to work flexibly as part of a small, highly committed team, and the ability to make positive things happen in the fundraising space. You must be able to communicate with very different people in different settings, including potential corporate partners.

You might join us with significant professional fundraising experience, or you may have been an active fundraising volunteer with another charity, schools or hospitals. You may be a recent graduate or someone returning to the workplace, or deep into your fundraising career. What is important is that you can bring great ideas to life and action well thought through fundraising plans.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to enable us to grow a sustainable, annual income, through planning and executing successful events. You’ll also need to identify and deliver other fundraising opportunities and significantly raise our local profile to grow core income and supporter/donor involvement.

We are flexible about hours and working from home, but you will need to be prepared to travel in the local area, and come into the Bedford office (once a week / on occasion….

Do you want to make our 70th year the best one yet ? Then come & join us, and make ours the best birthday ever! You can download our job description here and apply online today!

Other opportunities:


The best way to begin! Start volunteering with BDCPS – we promise not only will you be giving something back, but you will be getting so much out of it too. From making friends, to learning new skills, this will help you stand out from the crowd when you apply for future university courses or other jobs. We have had many volunteers over the years, who have gone on to become teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and so on! We take volunteers from the age of 13 and there is no upper age limit. Our oldest volunteer is over 70!

Once you have volunteered with us, there may be opportunities for paid roles once you have some experience. You can volunteer either with families or at playschemes or clubs; this then opens up career progression from play workers all the way to group leaders and family support assistants! There is so much scope for personal and professional development working with BDCPS, so do not hesitate – APPLY HERE TODAY!


The Playworker Assistant role is an excellent opportunity for paid work from 16+ years, and the Playworker role is from 18 years +. The playworker assistant and playworker have similar roles, and will take responsibility for a young person allocated into your care on the scheme and facilitate their maximum participation in the activities provided.  We want engaging, enthusiastic, calm people, willing to train and develop their skills. You will work with volunteers, and support and guide them as well as assist in the day-to-day running of the scheme adhering to policies in all work practice.


An excellent opportunity for those with some experience, ready to take their next step and develop their skills further. The role will be as above, but with additional responsibilities. You will actively assist in the: leading of an allotted team, planning, organising and facilitation of appropriate activities in collaboration with and deputising where appropriate for the group leader.  

You must work well within the team, specifically with the group leader, to fully brief and support the team to carry out the daily activities and schedule.  You will operate within the budget allocated for the group and keep accurate records of expenditure, and contribute to the day to day running of the scheme, adhering to and ensuring adherence to policies in all work practice. We are looking for people with effective communication skills, to speak with and interact with with service users and their families. 


The Group Leader will be a motivated individual with desire to expand their current skills and demonstrate a willingness to take a leadership role. You will be responsible for the young people allocated into your care on the scheme and facilitate their maximum participation in the activities provided. You will be proactive and approachable, leading your allotted team, planning, organising and facilitating appropriate activities in collaboration with them.  You will fully brief and support your team to carry out the daily activities and schedule and operate within the budget allocated for their group and keep accurate records of expenditure. We are looking for people keen to enhance their skills and career opportunities. You will assist in the day to day running of the scheme, adhering to policies in all work practice, whilst being a support and guide for all the team.  As the Group Leader, it is important to ensure effective communication with young people and their families and work closely with the senior management team, raising any risks/issues you identify with them.

If you are interested in the above roles please complete our online application form. .

Please check back here regularly to see what further vacancies we may have coming up.