Sensory play can be truly magical and of course lots of fun! We are creating some activity sheets with lots of ideas for different elements of sensory play and which you can easily try at home!

Music & Sound

We all know how music and sounds can make us feel – good for happy feelings, positivity and also for letting go of emotions and helping us feel relaxed or even energised. The very calm ‘Nathan Sounds’ has created some sound videos of different lengths on his YouTube page for you to listen to. Suitable for adults and children. Includes an hour long sound bath for a real wind down. Click here.

Symbols are a great way to help with structuring your child’s day and routines. You can create your own visual timetables, instructions or communication books using Widgit Online. Currently a 21 day free trial! Alternatively if you would like a member of our team to do this for you, just get in touch!

During the Coronavirus outbreak, if you are teaching your child at home, then we have some good news! The fabulous website Twinkl are offering you the chance to use their resources for FREE at home! All you need is to follow this link to sign up, and enter the following offer code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS