Can you and your company help support young people and their families in and around Bedford who are living with disability? Would you like to help make a real difference?

As a small charity, much of our funding stream comes from partnerships within the community. These partnerships are incredibly important in terms of helping us to fund projects/resources and other important aspects to enable us to meet the needs of the families in our local area. These partnerships are also vital in raising awareness of our charity and the invaluable work that we do to support not just the young person with disabilities, but the parents, carers and siblings. We have been lucky to have developed some excellent partnerships in the local community, but we are still in need of more!

Philip and Vicki, owners at The Chequers in Westoning raised money for us through events at their pubs in 2017-2018! Together we raised a whopping £14,658 and still maintain an excellent partnership today. Their customers vote each year on which charity to support next.

All companies have a Corporate Responsibility to support charities. Choosing a local charity is beneficial to both the company and the charity! It means that a wider audience can be reached and fantastic relationships can be developed. We are a small team but we will go the extra mile to ensuring your events etc. are well attended and we will be there to support these as much or as little as you would like. We can provide you with posters, merchandise, banners, balloons and collection tins as required! We also offer a fun idea for your company to take part in – why not try our ‘Bish Bash Dosh’ accumulator challenge and promote positive team spirits through some team building to compete to raise as much money as possible!

If your company or business are interested in supporting BDCPS then please get in touch. or 01234 351759